#DrawingWhileBlack Twitter Storm

The hashtag ‘drawingwhileblack’ has taken over the timelines of the art community on Twitter over the past week and has inspired artists all over.

I reached out to some artists and asked them about the importance of the hashtag:

“The hashtag was used to give black artists more of an audience. Most of the animations we watch or the artists we follow are white people. So, this hashtag was a platform for black artists to showcase and be exposed.”

One user said “Drawing was cool for everyone in the hood when we were kids. But it was never the thing black folks grew up to do”.

He added “Because of that, I had little direction or help as far as art was concerned. This is why visibility matters. It feels good to see all of this.”

Other users were quick to comment in agreement: “Art isn’t really seen as viable in black communities” one person said.

The art community have spread love, awareness and positivity amongst users and they are continuing to do so. Evidently, the hashtag has successfully highlighted a plethora of talented work and has brought a community of highly talented individuals together.

Artwork credit: @Sparklyfawn



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