Street Art, Fancy That…

In a city full of beige buildings and grey streets, it is an increasing delight to see that street art is becoming more and more visible.

From all over the world, street art is showcasing some incredibly weird and extraordinary talent. And the great thing about the abundance of art out there is that it comes in many different forms…

Frank Fancier is a street artist from London, who creates ‘interactive’ street art involving…plastic pigeons.

The idea is simple: you find a pigeon that Frank has placed, you move it, you take a photo of it, you share it and then, ideally, you feel some sense of happiness.

It’s a pretty non-complex idea, but, it’s one that works in a way to create a sense of fun and it does a good job of making people work together.

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Frank about his work:

My ‘street art’ is more interactive street art than paint and paste up street art, whether that’s a good thing I’m not sure. I basically place painted plastic pigeons around the UK (mainly Cambridge and London), asking people to move them somewhere new and then see where they end up.

What sparked that idea?

Pigeons are the underrepresented mass that we often overlook. I liked the political/sociological metaphor that represented. I thought I would try and give them a voice.

In your opinion, why is street art important?

It’s a space for people to interact with art beyond traditional power structures.

You can find Frank’s work at:

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