ATYN: A Mini Insight

All The Young Nudes is a life drawing club which takes places above Sloans Bar and Restaurant in Glasgow.

Entry tickets are six pounds and the class occurs on a weekly basis, each Monday, from eight o’clock in the evening to ten.

Upon arrival, you are free to buy a drink and take it upstairs to the ballroom where the class takes place. All the materials you could possibly need are provided by the event organisers; this includes paper, pens, boards and charcoal.

The class which requires no experience is warm, welcoming and full of different, and very interesting, individuals. What is clear to see is how popular the class is, based on the amount of people that attended, and the enthusiasm that circulated around the room.

The class is untutored which means that you don’t have to worry about how good – or bad –  your drawings will be.

I was lucky enough to speak to Steven, an attendee of the class, on why he enjoys it so much:

“It’s something different to do on a Monday night. I’ve done life drawing in art college before so it was more or less what I was expecting. It’s something new, it’s pretty relaxed, there’s a good bunch of friendly people, you can have a drink and see some naked people” 

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