No, Your Vagina Doesn’t Look Funny

Art and the human body is a beautiful thing which is exactly what the Instagram account is all about showing. This anatomically enlightening account showcases the female form, highlighting its diversity and beauty, and with over one hundred and thirty thousand followers the work does not go unnoticed.

Not only does the page show cute and colourful pastel paintings, but, it tells stories and educates viewers on how people truly feel about the uniqueness of their bodies; most importantly it tells us to celebrate our individuality.

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Long inner labia are very common: in half of all vulvae, inner labia are longer than the outer labia. That's about 1.9 billion beautiful vulvas similar to the one depicted here. Inner labia can be straight, but often they are curvy or wavy, especially when they are a bit longer. Also, often one is longer or wavier than the other – because human beings aren't symmetrical. In the vulva depicted here you can also see the skin from the clitoral hood, "hugging" the inner labia (and protecting the glans clitoris underneath). Labia can have many different colours; they can be pink, reddish, brown, purplish, and often the skin at the outside of the vulva has a darker colour than the internal skin. The inner thighs are often much darker than the surrounding skin. These variations are all completely normal and a beautiful part of natural diversity. Something we should celebrate, instead of trying to neglect or hide it. • If you ever see a vulva and think "hey that's funny, I never saw one like that before", please be respectful. The person next to you is a human being with feelings and insecurities. It's ok to ask, but it's not ok to point, laugh or make fun of someone's body. There are so many different vulvas, there's so much variety in shapes, colors and sizes – and all are equally valuable. Sure, you may have your personal preference and taste, but you don't have to show that by saying mean words about body types you don't like. No one benefits from that kind of negativity. Always be respectful. #thevulvagallery #vulva #labia #humananatomy #sexualhealtheducation #biology #genderinclusivity #positivity #bodypositive #bodydiversity #bodyneutrality #berespectful #illustration #loveyourvulva #hildeatalanta

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The topical issues surrounding the female body provide a community for followers to realise that they are not alone in their insecurities. For example, in one story a woman talks about how porn impacted her views on her vulva and goes on to say how important this account is for so many people out there:

“When I was 15 I went to the doctor and I told her I was deformed and I needed her to cut my labia out. She told me I was normal.

This project is vital, and I cannot express my gratitude enough. I don’t know if the dysphoria I feel when I look at my vulva will ever go, but it’s a journey, and this project has made me love it more than I ever have. Thank you.”

Watch the interview here (Skip to 27:00)

What’s even better than the stories shared by the hundreds of women is the hugely supporting responses seen in the comment section under each image:

“This vulva is very beautiful. You have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Everything about this resonates so much! Thank you for this gallery.”

“We need women to own their sexuality and be honest.”

“So important.”

“I cherish this account.”

“Reading other women’s experiences is great.”

The accounts overall positivity is great and creating such an amazing impact through art is even better.

“If you feel your vulva looks ‘weird’ or ‘ugly’ or if you think ‘it shouldn’t look this way’, remember this: you are perfect the way you are. Your natural body is part of the great natural diversity in shapes, colours and sizes – unfortunately its society that makes you believe that there is just one ‘perfect’ body type that you have to strive for. I think its time to educate ourselves about the broad variety in anatomy, and start understanding that there are many, many shapes and sizes – all equally lovely and worthy” – The Vulva Gallery.

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