Untitled Period Piece

Upon walking into the room, I couldn’t help but find myself in a fit of hysterics as I witnessed the huge pairs of trousers that lined the wall. It was bizarre to see, and I loved them. That being said, the rest of the exhibition was slightly disappointing.

The exhibition which is Amanda Ross Ho’s first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom was, sadly, very lack-lustre. The room that was supposed to imitate a factory floor was bare and felt like it was lacking. In the description, provided by Tramway, it said that there was ‘A range of media’ involved in the exhibition, yet, the only piece of media that there seemed to be was the video of the clock with its hands going anti-clockwise. The clock, the idea of time going backwards, wasn’t exciting, nor was it anything original. If anything, it was a little cliché and left more to be desired. Further information provided by Tramway claimed that ‘Ross-Ho’s surreal, theatrical environment collapses and inverts notions of time, labour and economy’. However, this is difficult to see in her exhibition and her work didn’t seem at all surreal, or theatrical.

The factory tables were odd and were weirdly adorned with what seemed to be pieces of random tack. From a black Nike baby shoe to a spray-painted plastic lobster; it all seemed a bit  out of place. The few materials placed on the table were folded neatly; not what most would expect from a busy factory.

Perhaps, if the exhibition included different forms of media like it claimed or their was some injection of noise or hustle and bustle then the concept would have made more sense, but, there wasn’t. The room feeling completely bare was another disadvantageous hit to the artist’s work.

That all being said, the large pairs of dress-trousers adorning the wall was very wacky and cool. If the artist had showed more work of that nature, then the rest of the exhibition could have matched up and would have been a better experience overall.

The work came across as less meaningful, and more comical, than I think was intended by the artist. The room failed to interpret a factory floor in the slightest, but, if you like big pants then you’re in for a treat.

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