Gab Bois

Gab Bois creates visual sensations through photography and shares her work on Instagram to her 109k followers. From Montreal, her work appears almost sensual at times, yet, can make you feel quite uneasy. Her art is aesthetic to a T – a big thing nowadays –  and is modern and diverse. From condom lollipops to prawn nipples to eyes that look painfully bloodshot, you will see a variety of wild concepts and creations throughout her work.

Somehow, her work, despite the discomfort that many of her images convey, still retains a certain elegance and beauty; they seem personal. Her ability to create art that can be seen as ‘weird’ or ‘wacky’ and have so many people engage in it shows the magnitude of her growing success, and people’s growing acceptance. In an interview with Pop My Eyes she said “I love to make people feel uncomfortable with my pictures, and I wish that more people could be able to appreciate the beauty in being weird and creating strange artwork.”

“I like to explore themes that play part in the way that my generation was raised. Since Instagram is my main platform, I find it essential to include the theme of narcissism in my work.

I’ve been trying to create content that challenges people to question the definition of beauty, especially since I think that not everyone is comfortable with that.

I think the “weird” aspects of my work have a very direct effect on people, many hate what they don’t understand and some are not shy to criticize, no actually “bash” my work. I honestly think it’s their loss.”

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Casual nail painting sesh

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And although she says that her art is a hobby, “I just want to clarify that photography is not my job, it’s a hobby” she adds that her “plan is to keep creating as much as I can and jump on any opportunities that come my way in the future.”

Exploring the themes of the female body, individuality and the weirdly wonderful, Gab Bois’ work is a must see and her art is sure to grow in success and popularity.



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