No Mud No Rose

@Lunachrissy is an artist from Australia who receives huge admiration for her artwork. Simple yet elegant, her work is now adorning the bodies of those who love what she creates and it is easy to see why people are excited:

Full of detail and precision, her art, and now tattoos, are admired by many and her work receives an immense amount of support. Much of her art incorporates dot-work as a means of shading and adding detail to her creations. She has even created art that is entirely made out of the tiny black dots proving her attention to detail and determination to create the best, and most intricate, work possible:

Her ambition is inspiring and its clear that she is going to be hugely successful in the future, even more than she is now. Chrissy continues to spread positivity to her 10.5k following on Twitter and has gone on to make beautiful creations of popular artists including Frida Kahlo and Van Gogh which ooze style and craftsmanship.

Despite being only relatively new to tattooing, her design concepts and line-work is phenomenal and her clients are overwhelmed with happiness at the final product. Not just that, but people from all over the world are aching to be tattooed by the wonderful artist:

I was lucky enough to ask Chrissy a couple of quick questions about her work:

So you have pretty recently started tattooing which is amazing! How long have you wanted to tattoo and how does it feel to actually be able to do it?

“I’ve wanted to be a tattoo artist ever since I was in high-school so about 4-5 years now. As soon as I saw dot-work I was so intrigued and told myself that day that I wouldn’t give up until I learn and master it. It’s taught me a lot about myself and I have grown into a patient person because of my art.

Ever since I started I haven’t been happier because it’s just so fulfilling. My canvases are living and breathing people with beautiful stories and for them to trust me with their bodies is such an honour and I’m humbled. I go home everyday feeling accomplished and nothing beats that feeling.”

You come across as super motivated and positive. Is it hard to keep that mentality?

“It absolutely does get really hard sometimes when you feel like you’re swimming against the current. But, what is so important, not just for tattooing, but other aspects of life, is what you focus on. You have a decision to focus on either the negative or the positive. I’ve learn to manifest the law of attraction into my life through consistently seeing that the glass is half-full regardless of what situation I’m in.”

You can visit her website and check out more of her work here






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