Peter DeVito

More and more we are told to embrace our natural self through body positivity which is a great and growing movement. Peter DeVito’s work does that too. Untouched photographs of acne and what people often recognise as flaws are shown in a new light that unearths why we should feel comfortable in our own skin.

The images themselves become rather relatable as we see that many people go through the same body-insecurities and struggles as us. As well as acne, the photographer also highlights important and topical issues throughout his work such as race, religion and sexism.

Acne is something that most people experience in their lives and it is a very common and normal thing. And according to Niams, around 80 percent of people between the ages of 11 and 30 experience acne at least once.

The images are typically taken up close and show what different skin types look like without retouching. The impact of photo-shop that we see on photographs through advertisement sets unrealistic standards as to what people should look like and this puts huge pressure on people to appear a certain way. DeVito makes his viewers aware of how much retouching and photo-shop goes on behind the photographs that we see. Because of this, people are able to feel more comfortable in their own skin thanks to his work.

Sexism is another theme that Peter DeVito explores in his work, and he portrays how it impacts both males and females. Free The Nipple is one social campaign that is featured a lot in DeVito’s work and has proved to be a controversial topic with people online for a long time. The double standard regarding nudity for men and for women is different and this is something that angers, and bewilders, a lot of people.

“Free The Nipple is a global campaign of change, focused on the Equality, Empowerment, and Freedom of all human beings. Free The Nipple has become a premiere voice for gender equality, utilizing all forms of modern media, to raise awareness and effect change on various social issues, and injustices.

We believe that all humans beings are created equal.

We believe that the time for change is now.

We believe that together, through one unified voice, we can affect change globally.” – Free The Nipple.

This type of photography helps people to accept their appearance for what it is which can be a very difficult process. For those who feel that their acne makes them ugly or that nipples are only for sexual purpose, these photographs do a great job of spreading education, positivity and awareness.

You can visit Peter DeVito’s website here


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