Decorado by Alberto Vazquez is a short animation film which has adult themes including love, violence and heartbreak.

The short film which was described by a member of CCA’s staff as something that you should not show your children is a dark yet humorous take on a classic children’s cartoon.


The animation is set in black in white and is scattered with shadows that add a spooky aesthetic to the entirety of the film. Vazquez takes what would normally be a cute child-like cartoon and injects it with adult humour and themes of denial, betrayal and sex.

The characters in the film speak Spanish and yellow sub-titles translate the speech into English for viewers; the yellow being a nice contrast to the black and white.

The film follows multiple narratives including one that shows the failing relationship between a man and a woman who no longer sleep in the same bed and may or may not be trying to salvage their failing marriage.


The wife is even speaking to someone via love-letters who she knows as Romeo_69, presumably behind her husbands back. When she meets Romeo_69 in the forest, she quickly denies him purely because of his looks. She even goes to the extent of brandishing him as a monster which leaves him visibly upset and we learn that he is actually a caring person. However, the woman, who may have looked sweet,  was very hurtful and dismissive to someone that she supposedly liked.

Whats great about this short film is how Alberto Vazquez has taken the concept of using the style of a child’s cartoon and has turned it on its head completely. The realistic themes of failing relationships and awkward encounters have the possibility of being very relatable to a lot of people which makes this work even better.

The film includes a plethora of quirky, and likeable, characters that are etched in detail and riddled with emotion and personality.

Image Credit: animafest

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Maria and Connor, who volunteer for Cinemaattic, about the artist and his work:

Could you tell me a little bit about the artist?

Maria: He is quite prolific in other parts of the world. He started about ten years ago and this is the first time he has ever allowed anyone to show the entirety of his work. This is something that is very very special. I love it because its original, its unique. It makes you think. It’s a crime that he is not as well known here.

Do you think this exhibition is going to get him more recognition?

Connor: Definitely, its gotten me interested. The first time I saw his work I thought ‘how come I never saw this before?’. This guy is talented and it made me think that I had to get interested in this more.

Maria: I seriously think this is a hidden gem. People that have not seen this are missing out on an amazing exhibition.

What in particular do you like about Decorado?

Connor: I like a few things about it, but there is two things that I like more about it. The whole fact that he turned something so sweet and child-like into something so creepy. I also like the whole story in general. The characters connect to me in a sense too.

Maria: I would like to be in his brain for one minute. I like the fact of the monster not actually being a monster and how we judge a book by its cover. Its fun, its funny, its sad… its all these emotions in one film.














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