Ben Is SO Right

Ben Evans, or maybe more known as @benisright on Instagram, creates relatable pieces of artwork that burst with surreal detail and colour.

Not only are his drawings rather relatable, but they are quirky and feature characters that get drunk, have super hairy legs, smoke weed and wear fetish masks.

If you’re a self-proclaimed lazy person and you’re quite proud, or at least not ashamed, of that fact then you will most likely enjoy Ben Evans’ work. Scrolling through Evans’ Instagram you are, firstly, faced with tons of pastel pinks, blues, greens and yellows that take form in home-like environments. For example, a bedroom or bathroom.

Next, is the scenarios of each image that will, possibly, speak to the inner you.

Hairy legs? Check. Open bags of potato chips? Check. Chilling with your bestie? Check. Video games and TV? Check and check.

From New York, Evans’ fun pictures almost feel like he has taken a look into your life and decided to create the laziest, dirtiest and weirdest parts of it. Which is both affronting and funnily familiar.

And whilst the art he makes is humorous and might even make you say ‘same’ it also seems to show what a lot of  people look like, and do, in their down-time or when alone; because, believe it or not, we aren’t always clean-shaved and trying to look good.

In an interview discussing his work with Metal Magazine he said:

“Detailed hair on animated characters is pretty comical to me on a very superficial level. But I am very conscious of gender and the departure from gender norms in my work. I wouldn’t label any of the figures as male or female. I think a lot of people see the hair as political and feminist when they look at the work, and I really like that there’s a definite undertone of progressive gender politics that reveals itself.

I spent a lot of time alone when I was growing up and I was home-schooled for one year, which is strangely something that’s constantly on my mind. As odd as it may sound, spending a lot of my developmental years secluded and in solitude made me really conscious of people’s deep connection with the spaces they exist in.

I completely want to normalise the situations at hand in the works. I think that drawing attention to these very specific and particular settings allows each individual to view them in a totally new light.”


You can follow Ben on Instagram here





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