3 Artists On Twitter That You Need To Follow Part 1

Social media has multiple platforms where artists can showcase their work and get noticed – and Twitter is no exception to this.

This article will explore 3 artists who create fantastic work that varies hugely from one another and that is definitely worth noticing.


Chiamonwu Joy is a Nigerian artist who is a must-follow if you are in need of seeing some astounding artwork. Created by using charcoal, her drawings are hyper-realistic and look so incredibly real that you will struggle to believe that they aren’t actual photographs.

Her skills are mind-blowing and the detail that she puts into each piece of her work is remarkable. Whats even better is how the work uses no colour other than black, white and grey as the details are able to truly shine. The amount of dedication, hard-work and commitment is clear to see with every piece that she creates.

Nigerian born in 1995, Chiamonwu accepted her love for art when she was only 8 years old and started by drawing cartoons for her friends at school.

You can learn more about the wonderful Chiamonwu Joy and her work here


Logan Hall creates pieces of work that burst with colour and others that are delicately drawn in pencil that feature sublime line-work and detail.

Various vivid colours that compliment one another and immediately grab your attention combined with tons of texture and precision make Logan Hall’s work so worthwhile.

Other drawings by Logan appear simplistic, but contain beautiful line-work and shading that makes you look closer in awe. The human-like creations that he draws have elongated fingers that add a definite undertone of creepiness to each artwork, yet each image still appears very elegant and thought-provoking.

His ability to create both loud and colourful drawings as well as some that are more simplistic and detail-orientated show how he can successfully show his artistic style in different various fashions.

Follow Logan on Instagram here 


Matthew McDade creates wonderfully coloured and dreamy paintings that capture serenity and mystery all at once.

McDade’s work encompasses different working materials such as charcoal, graphite, ink and paint. The content of his work ranges too and includes portraits, as well as self-portraits, to well-detailed sketches of quirky characters to faces surrounded by bright blurs of blue, pink and green.

The colourful scenes with painted faces appear totally calming and the colours are always beautifully blended and incorporated into each piece. This style that McDade conveys with his work truly seems to be that of his own and you will struggle to find paintings that exhibit the same technique and approach as his.

You can visit Matthew’s website here

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