Ellie White

Ellie White is a tattoo artist from Wolverhampton who now works at Inkredible Kreations in Perth. Creating gorgeous black-work pieces, Ellie’s work shows her attention to detail and precision when it comes to line-work and style.

The shop which can be found on 92 Canal street sees Ellie work alongside other talented tattoo artists including Craig Smart and Pete Murphy. Having started her tattoo journey in 2014, Ellie then became part of the Inkredible Kreations team in 2016 and her work continues to get better and better.

Specialising in black-work Ellie also incorporates dot-work into her tattoos which are most seen in her floral pieces – in other pieces, you can see how white ink is used to add refreshing areas of light into her tattoos. What is most impressive about Ellie’s work is how even the smallest tattoos she creates still maintain accurate line-work and details which conveys how meticulous she is when creating her tattoos.

On her Instagram you will see a variety of different pieces from small, dainty tattoos of dinosaurs and bumble bees to show-stopping chest-pieces.

I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Gavin (@pr3med1tated on Instagram) who Ellie recently tattooed a Mother Earth piece on and who is a huge fan of her work:

How did the idea for this tattoo come about?

Well, having my first sleeve made up of dark and evil pieces, I decided that my second sleeve would be on the lighter scale – a sort of ying and yang idea.

I was really attracted to the idea of Mother Earth and so I basically gave Ellie a few ideas that I liked and asked her to put her own spin on it and that is how the final piece turned out and I couldn’t be happier.

What about Ellie’s work made you reach out and contact her and was this your first tattoo by her?

This was not my first piece by her, no. She had done the full sleeve on my left arm as well as a piece on my back. She is currently working on the sleeve for my right arm.

What originally made me reach out to Ellie was I had been following a number of tattoo artists in the area and something about her style stood out to me above everyone else. The detail she puts into her work far exceeds the competition.

I am not an artistic person in the slightest and having someone like Ellie who can work through the nonsense ideas that I send her and give me a design that is far greater than what I ever thought makes the whole experience easier.

You can follow Ellie on Instagram here

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