An Interview With Ellie White

Wonderful tattoo artist Ellie White,who works at Inkredible Kreations, creates black-work masterpieces which are crammed full of beautiful detail and precise line-work.

Ellie was kind enough to tell me a little bit about how she discovered her passion for tattooing, her inspirations and her favourite artists!

When did you first get into the idea of tattooing and what made you want to pursue art in that way?

I’ve always liked tattoos from seeing my grandad’s old Sailor Jerry stuff. I guess from getting tattooed a lot myself and realising that I may have more patience than I thought for drawing and developing that skill into tattooing.
It just so happened that the interview for my apprenticeship was the day after my grandad’s funeral. He died suddenly and was more like a father to me, so having tattooing to focus on was really important for me at that time.
You have a really gorgeous tattoo style – how did you develop that and why do you enjoy creating black-work tattoos in particular?
I think after being interested in old medical illustrations and botanical illustrations I became fascinated with texture. I hadn’t really seen many tattoos done in that style, but then stumbled across Rebecca Vincent and Kelly Violence and was completely blown away by how well it could translate into a tattoo.
Tattoo by Rebecca Vincent

What was the first tattoo you ever completed and how did it feel to actually ink someone?

The first one I did was a little acorn on my thigh. I kind of went crazy with the dots and it’s just super dark!

The first one I did on another person was on Dan Weller, one of the artists who taught me to tattoo at Underground Tattoo in Walsall. He’s a bloody nutcase and let me tattoo his palm, so I did this Breaking Bad Heisenberg face and a dot-work crystal behind it. Its pretty much all fallen out now!

What is your favourite thing to tattoo and who are your favourite tattoo artists?


Animals and flowers are my favourite things to tattoo and I have so many:
Kelly Violence, Rebecca Vincent, Eldraggon, Daniel Baczewski and Kerry Gentle to name a few!

What was the work like leading up to becoming an established tattoo artist?

It was definitely hard work. I had three jobs at one point because apprentices obviously aren’t paid. It’s tough, but if you really want something you have to be prepared to do what ever it takes.

You’re originally from Wolverhampton, what made you decide to be a full-time tattoo artist in Perth?

My fiancé, Connor Macari, who also tattoos, is from Scotland and is best pals with Steven Blance, so that’s how we knew of Inkredibles. I fell in love with Scotland after visiting a few times and felt that moving would be a great opportunity to further my career.

What sort of things are you hoping to achieve in the future?

I’d love to do more guest spots and conventions and I guess just keep tattooing cool sh*t as long as people let me.

 Make sure to follow Ellie on Instagram here
And read my previous post on her work here


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