Pink Bits

Imagine being able to see body positivity and detailed illustrations just by scrolling down your timeline. Well, follow @pink_bits on Instagram and you will experience just that.

Their fun and incredibly real illustrations are a pleasure to see and are sure to fill you with confidence.

Everyone has a bad day when it comes to self-image, or maybe even our perceptions of other people’s image, so it’s nice to be reminded that we are all both unique and beautiful.

@pink_bits is an empowering and body-positive account that teaches females to embrace all the parts of ourselves that we sometimes see as flaws. The account embraces topics such as menstruation, masturbation, disability and acne.

Many women go through times when it seems like their appearance controls them and they suffer because of, what they see as, their imperfections.

@pink_bits takes these imperfections and turns them into adorable illustrations that feature lovely little bursts of colour and fine details.

Some posts on the page feature stories that provide words of encouragement and advice on things such as eating disorders, body hair and pregnancy.

“Pink Bits is inspired by and celebrates women in all their glory, illustrating the bits and shapes we’re told to hide.”

On their website you can purchase their cute illustrations in the form of stickers, prints and postcards!

Many of their posts feature heart-warming and inspiring comments by followers who are grateful that the account exists and they often explain why its important to them. One user said:

“I’ve always been ashamed of my butt ~ by the age of 18 I was pregnant and my butt took the brunt of stretch marks ~ which now also happens to be the easy target for blemishes. I’ve been with my partner for 13 years and I’ve never felt comfortable in my skin to walk around naked ~ hence, he has never seen my butt in all its glory. Such a silly hang up, and I wish I could get over it. Posts like this help me tremendously.”

whilst another follower said:

“Thanks for always making me feel like every little part of me is beautiful and art-worthy.”

Make sure to follow Pink Bits on Instagram here

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