Inner City

Inner City is a wonderful piece of artwork which is currently being exhibited at GOMA  which demonstrates amazing attention to detail and clever engineering.

The work which is made by Los Angeles artist Michael C McMillen is, deservedly, a must see. The more you look at this piece of art the more you will discover and the more you will love it.


This artwork took a city and shrunk it down to the size of what you might experience with a children’s doll house. However, even the most expensive children’s doll house would look poor in comparison to this exceptional replica of Los Angeles.

The overall atmosphere walking into the room where this work was held was great; two black curtains marked the entry point to the room and a neon sign reading ‘Inner City’ was hung above the entrance.

Entering the room, it was dark except for the small lights which were dotted around the little city making the overall atmosphere feel intimate and special.

Inside the rooms were immaculate details and it was astounding to say the least. Looking through the window into one room in particular there was a snooker table with a cue on the green felt whilst the other cues were hung neatly on a wooden rack on the wall. There was even a fan light which fully operated and spun!

Above the buildings were pylons and the walls even had graffiti on them showing that McMillen has a definite eye for small, and key, details.

The city featured a cafe, a cleaners, a hotel, an adult book store and even a water tower perched up high on one particular building.

There was quite an industrial feel to this mini-city and the colours were muted, but only to the benefit of the artist’s work. There was even audio to take into consideration as music was heard playing which seemed to be coming from the cocktail bar.

Overall this exhibition was incredible and the amount of details and little props used are mind-blowing. This exhibition will be shown until the 30th of November and so there is no excuse to not see this wonderful piece of work.
Image Credit and Feature Image Credit: The Herald

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