My Favourites

So far, this year has presented many exciting and varied exhibitions that have showcased different styles of work by talented artists from across the world.

And whilst some have been okay, or even a little lacking in areas, there have been many exhibitions that have featured incredible work with cool new concepts and unique working materials.

This post will briefly talk about three amazing exhibitions that have taken place so far!

Beat by Stuart Middleton

Beat, by artist Stuart Middleton, was an exhibition featured at Tramway in Glasgow. The work was immersive and inviting – unlike any other exhibition I have been to.

A tent was designed to make you walk through Middleton’s art and this allowed him to guide us to his work. The main piece of work, at least to myself, was an incredible stop-motion video of a dog which had been taxidermised and appeared to have lived its life malnourished and underweight.

The black dog which moved across the screen almost looked like that of a cartoon as it stood out wonderfully against its white background. Loud barks could be heard before even entering the room where the work was being shown and was accompanied by other noises including the dog’s tail hitting off of the floor and licking its lips.

Overall, this exhibition stood out against any other artworks taking place at Tramway during that time and the amount of work that goes into stop-motion makes this work commendable and brilliant!

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Aaron Angell

The Gallery of Modern Art never fails to display some of the most unique and exquisite art and Aaron Angell’s work was no exception.


The work featured dainty and meticulous detail, gorgeous earthy colours as well as interesting sculptures and the use of plants.

There really was no end to how great Aaron Angell’s work was.

From crazy sculptures created by bouncy air mattresses to a Wardian case filled with beautiful moss and ferns. Angell’s work demonstrated great talent and craftsmanship which was especially prominent when looking at his work made of stone and cement. It seems that this artist has truly mastered his craft and this exhibition contained work that was solid in structure but that was mesmerising to look at and full of small and wonderful details.


You can read my article on Aaron’s work here

Decorado by Alberto Vazquez

Last but not least was Decorado. This humorous, yet cynical, animation was shown at the Centre for Contemporary Art and is a must-see!


What might seem like a  cute child-like cartoon was quite the opposite in Decorado. This short animation film sees Alberto Vazquez turn his hand from comic-book illustrations to film in the best way possible.

Conventionally cute characters contrasted with dark and adult themes like heartbreak, alcoholism and sex  was hugely unexpected yet entirely great! Vazquez managed to balance both dire themes with rich humour which kept you watching as the story of a failing marriage, as well as other narratives, unfolded and developed.

Each character’s face was riddled with immaculate detail which emphasised their expressions and made their stories and feelings seem that much more real.

This animation demands the attention of those who dare to watch it and the repetition of the title ‘Decorado’ ensures that it is unforgettable.

You can read my article on Decorado here

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