I Am A Museum Full Of Art

Rupi Kaur is not only a poet and artist, but, she is a voice for many.

Her poetry evokes the emotion that many women wish they could express – and that many wish they could understand. From love to heartbreak to pain, she speaks about it all. Her first book, Milk and Honey became extremely popular after its release in 2014 and has sold over one million copies. For a long time, on social media, extracts from the book were everywhere and even I was sat at home wondering if the hype was really worth it.

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That was until I, and evidently a thousand others, bought it. Its heartfelt, but, more than that it is raw, empowering and does not shy away from the truth. Her words speak volumes and each page reveals emotions more passionate and more intense than the last.

Her simplistic line drawings help portray the sentiment and feelings on each page and without them, it feels like the book would be missing something. Not only her artwork, but, her photography is also incredibly important and highlights topics such as menstruation and the female form.

In an interview talking about her shows, Rupi said:

“When men show up and I talk to the men, they are like, this book has helped me really get into the shoes of my mother, really get into the shoes of my sister – I hear that one a lot. Because you know their experience being raised as a son in a certain family has been different than their sisters. Reading Milk and Honey puts them into that place and they’re able to really understand and make sense of their experience. I think a lot of issues that we have in regards to anything is communication. We are not able to communicate in ways that are progressive all the time. These are things that we are not taught in school. So Milk and Honey fits so perfectly into that.”


The Sun and Her Flowers is Rupi’s latest collection of poems and is out now.




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