Yogi Yoni

@yogiyoni is a colourful and diverse Instagram account that celebrates the diversity of yoni:

The term yoni meaning “a stylized representation of the female genitalia that in Hinduism is a sign of generative power and that symbolizes the goddess Shakti” – Merriam Webster

The account showcases female-empowering artwork from multiple accounts including inspiring artists such as@the.vulva.gallery and @ellysmallwood.

The account which has a 37k following is very much a community with the sole purpose of spreading confidence-inducing posts which aim to show that diversity is a very common thing when it comes to our bodies.

What is particularly nice about the account is the plethora of different types of art that you are able to see. The artwork ranges hugely and shows different work styles and techniques from watercolour images, illustrations, embroidery and photography.

It seems that the overall aim of the account is to help people reach a level of comfort with themselves, as well as others. The abundance of posts, all of which include a vagina in some shape or form, does a great job of normalising the differences that separate people and that make us all individuals.

@yogiyoni also provides valuable links, information and discounts to their following in ways that can help them, for example, with their period. Currently, the page is conducting a giveaway with She Thinx – a page that promotes an alternative to tampons and pads.

Overall, this taboo-destroying page is a must-follow for those that, perhaps, are in need of some body reassurance, as well as for those that simply want to be exposed to some very talented artists and their artwork.

This page is educational, insightful and full of stunning, and realistic, artwork that will help you to accept your body for what it is, and hopefully to appreciate and love it even more.

Take a look at @yogiyoni here

and check out a previous post on @the.vulva.gallery here




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